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We’ve Got Your Back

Most event planners deal with many types of events. Everything from grand openings to anniversary celebrations to weddings and more. Occasionally they will be called on to provide live entertainment. When it’s not something you deal with everyday t can be a daunting task. The world of pages of entertainment contracts and concert riders becomes a reality. There is no clear-cut way to provide for a band or artist. Each one will come with separate needs and challenges. Knowing how to read a concert rider is the key to making it a flawless process. A rider is a written list of artist requirements to perform. It will include a contract that will stay price, showtimes, show links, etc. The rider will state all items needed in the dressing room. This usually includes meals, snacks, drinks and other various items. We’ve all heard stories of a rock band that requires only green M&M’s in the dressing room. This would have been indicated on this page. There will be a page on technical requirements. This is the information that should be forwarded to your trusted production provider, many times this will be now out of your hands and handled for you. These days in many bands or artists are doing “FLY-IN” dates. This is exactly as it sounds. The band would “FLY-IN”, perform, and “FLY-OUT.” This could save you time and money when the scenario occurs you will see a page for BACKLINE. BACKLINE Is the specific equipment a band needs on stage. Normally they would provide themselves, but due to fly this simply isn’t possible. So the duty of locating the BACKLINE falls to the planner or buyer, don’t panic. This is easy. The list will indicate the types and amounts of guitar amps, stage amps, keyboards, drum sets etc. that will be required. Some artist prefer a specific brand of equipment. A good sound production provider will have a good range of inventory to choose from. When you were faced with the above challenges trust your production provider and relax. Here at Capital A Productions... it’s true, we’ve got your back, and your BACKLINE.