happy new year 2019

New Years Resolution

There are several advantages to buying local. The most obvious is to keep your capital in the local economy, stimulating the area where you do your business. But there are some reasons you may not usually think about. As it pertains to event and concert production, buying local has it's advantages. When you give a local provider a chance, you begin a relationship, one that is ever growing as that production company learns your needs and visions. A good production company will provide logical, affordable solutions for your events.

Going local will create the opportunity to know your supplier, face-to-face, earning trust and mutual respect. If you have ever used a company from another city, you have most likely done everything over the phone or through email. This is not to say that it can’t be done this way, but having someone look you in the eye, seeing your passion and drive, sharing your vision, and bringing it to life will achieve outstanding and everlasting results.

Going local means everyone has pride in their community. When events are a success, it creates progress and prosperity for everyone involved. An outside vendor likely does not have as much invested in your community as a local vendor would. As anyone in this business knows, not every concert or event is a success. Sometimes it’s weather or advertising or a competing event that messes things up. A local partnership will help ride out these waves and be there for support and open dialogue on how improve and be more efficient.

So next time, with a little preparation, things can come out more successful for all. One of the worst attitudes a company can have is one where “It’s always been done this way.” You could be missing out on a better result, stronger working relationship, less stressful, more profitable solution to your individual needs. At Capital A Productions we believe that long-lasting relationships are the key to success. Let us start a relationship today.