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Lights, Camera, Action

When filming a movie one of the most important aspects of cinematography, also one of the easiest is lighting. If a scene is too bright you lose all of the feeling of mystery. If is too dark your viewer loses sight of what you intended them to see. The old saying you have heard a million times is “Lights, Camera, Action.” The first word is lights. The other two things can’t happen without it. When you go to a concert or show the musician will usually sound amazing. What you find different in the higher priced shows is lighting. The flare and the flash that makes it a show. If none of that mattered, it would be called a listen not a show. Again this type of lighting is about drawing the viewer’s eye to specific things at specific times, controlling the experience. These same concepts apply to your events as well every time. No matter what type of event you plan you have a goal or message in mind. Something in your event is a planned moment. With lighting you can make sure that message is delivered 100%. Sadly, lighting is sometimes one of the first things cut from a budget. Planners may opt to go with an upgraded catering menu, or fancier tables and things such as that. The money spent on props and other things is wasted if nobody sees them. In a hectic event attended by many people there are hundreds of things to see and experience. With effective, well thought out lighting you can draw the attention of everyone there to see exactly what you need them to see. A company logo, a campaign slogan, an auction item, a person of honor, or a beautiful wedding cake. The list is endless.

Lighting is also crucial in setting a mood for the evening. Turning a venue that normally serves as a church social hall into a market place in Morocco, sounds rather impossible, yet with the proper lighting and props it can be done. If they were filming a scene from a movie about Morocco in that same social hall, how would they do it? Lighting and props creating the illusion of really being in Morocco. Using color schemes and concepts to create and atmosphere. Yellows, oranges and reds give the Illusion of warmth and texture. Greens, blues and whites give the sensation of cold. With LED lighting you can match virtually any color scheme perfectly to turn any space anywhere, into a part of your presentation, not just a place for your presentation. Use your imagination, create your ideas, plan an ideation session with your production provider and have events you have only dreamed of. When it comes to budget cuts, every single event has them, don’t underestimate the value of effective lighting.