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Let’s Get Sirious

How did we ever survive before the invention of the mobile phone? Where did we go for information about anything? The library? Encyclopedias? (Kids, google it) Where was the best place to find out the answers to our everyday questions? I remember back then and I remember going to those whom I trusted the most. Those who I knew had “been there and done that.” I always confided in those who I knew would have the solution. Today it is all too simple. Just the phrase, “Hey Siri” gets you your own personal information source. Ask anything, she will tell you. Then there is also the aforementioned almighty GOOGLE. Everything and anything is at your fingertips. For the most part it is a great source of information but sifting through all the content to find relevant answers can be overwhelming. We all know that because it is in the internet it must be true. Sounds viable doesn’t it? This certainly isn’t shining a negative light on Googl

e or Siri. I along with millions of people across the planet rely on them every single day. Compared to the fairly recent past they are light years ahead of where we were. This is a reminder of a tried and true method that has worked for centuries. Ask someone who knows how to help. In this “information” age we often forget the resources that are here to provide help and solutions to our concerns. Capital A Productions is here as a resource anytime. The benefit is you develop a working relationship with a real human being whom over time learns to think about your projects like you do. A person that understands your passion and strives to help figure out not just answers but solutions. Here at Capital A Productions we can be your SIRI, your google, and most importantly your trusted source when you need it most. Be it anything sound, lights, staging, video, whatever your need we are here to help you be as successful as possible. Let’s have a conversation so you can see for yourself. (912) 963-0183