Concert Productions

Concert Productions

Are you planning a concert or festival? Are you unsure of where to start? That’s okay, you don’t need to have all the answers. The team at Capital A Productions has years of experience helping people plan concerts, festivals, and several other events. We have all the equipment, knowledge, and tools you’ll need to get your concert or event off the ground and ready for the opening act. See all our services or contact us today to enlist our concert production skills for your next show.

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lights being put up on a stage

Full-Service Concert Production

If you are worried about getting it right, our team can help you every step of the way. Unlike some of the other concert production companies out there, we can plan and execute the whole event for you. Just tell us your vision, and we can handle all the logistics so your concert or festival will go off without a hitch.

a constructed stage

Stage Rental

Suppose all you need is a stage for your performers and bands to do their thing, no worries! We have you covered there too. We offer stage rentals to get the right setting for your show at an affordable cost to you.

a singer at a concert with multi-color lights

Sound and Lighting Rental

Sound and lighting are an essential part of any stage production or concert, so your audience can see and hear what is going on. We offer various types of lighting to add a bit of flair to any performance on stage and great sound systems to give your audience the best sound quality possible.

music equipment boxes and instruments

Equipment Rental

If you or a band you have booked are traveling a lot or your festival has a tight schedule, you could benefit from our backline equipment rentals. Whether you need amps, drums, or other instruments, we can provide great tour-grade equipment for you or your acts to use.

When it comes to concert production, there are many things to consider. From stages to lighting, Capital A Productions is one of the concert production companies in Savanna, Georgia you can trust. Whatever you need, we have you covered. Call Capital A Productions now!