run. hide. fight.

CAP Active Shooter Protocol

During load-in or Site Survey

  1. Identify and designate at least 2 valid exits from your work space.

  2. Identify and designate at least 2 places of safety near your work space

  3. Identify and assign a rally point away from venue to assemble after incident

  4. Introduce yourself and your team to security staff

Once Event Starts

  1. Pay attention to any suspicious packages, people or anything out of the normal

  2. Report any suspicious activity to proper security personnel

  3. Report any unattended boxes, backpacks, packages etc. immediately

  4. Clear area until packages can be determined safe to continue

  5. Make sure your exit points remain clear and unobstructed

In the event of an Active Shooter


Create as much distance between you and threat as possible

Do not try and save everyone, get to safety as quickly as possible

Leave your belongings and gear behind

Call 911 when you are safe

When exiting keep your hands out in the open


If it is determined that you cannot escape safely find a safe secure area to hide

Try and find a place with no windows and thick walls

Silence your phones and devices

Secure the area you are in as best as possible

Do not make any unnecessary noise

Remain in place until help arrives


This step is ONLY an option should you have no other choice

If your life is in extreme and immediate danger your only option may be to engage the threat.

Attempt to incapacitate or disrupt the actions of the shooter

After the incident has ended


Join your team at the predetermined rally spot to account for entire team


If you have the ability, assist in helping those that can’t exit the venue

Do not move anyone that is injured

Assist the police/medical help if they need help

Remain Calm