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But Wait... There’s More

Every day we are bombarded with sales pitches. It is often, “Buy one get one free” or “ buy one get the second 50% off” or my favorite “we will double your order absolutely free, just pay a separate shipping and handling fee.” Hardly seems free at that point. Businesses are doing everything they can for you to purchase their “whatever.” Some ploys are in your face up front pressure. Others are more subtle, sometimes even subliminal. What happens if you don’t sell a “whatever?” Is it still possible to offer these types of deals? Sure it is. But the value to the customer isn’t double the whatever the ordered or half off in savings. The value to the customer is so much more valuable than that. Here at CAPITAL A PRODUCTIONS we don’t sell a “whatever” of the day. We sell service. We sell relationships. For when you partner with CAPITAL A PRODUCTIONS you get more than production for your events. You receive confidence. Confidence that your plan will be successful. You receive assurance. Assurance that the event you have possibly spent months preparing is handled by professionals that have done this many times. But wait there’s more, although it’s not a free set of Ginsu knives, it is still better. You also receive piece of mind. The piece of mind that comes with building a long lasting loyal relationship. We look forward to starting this relationship. Capital A Productions 912-963-0183.