bibbidi bobbidi boo

Bippity-Boppity-Boo: Concert & Festival Prodcution

When you took a chance, a leap of faith and decided to try and make a living planning events yo

I would say that is quite a success. Simple math would dictate if you planned two a week you would be over 100 for the year. I would say that is quite a success. You would undoubtedly be working like crazy to make them all events you can be proud of. The problem that each of us in the industry has to be conscience of whether we be a wedding planner, event specialist, concert promoter, florist, or full production company is forgetting the details. That is quite easy to forget when you are frantically trying to pull an event together before the deadline, while thinking about a wedding next week, a retirement party the week after and the next week and so on. There is only so many minutes in the day. To these type of companies each day is just a day in the work week. One more event completed, more money in the bank. It’s easy to fall into the mindset. I equate that to being like a restaurant that opens its doors for the first time. Business begins slow with just a few customers and the customer service seems flawless. The owner comes by each table personally to thank you. The food is excellent and the atmosphere is unbelievable. Business begins to grow fairly quickly. Now there seems to be a wait every night as more and more people want to experience the buzz. Now that the same owner is so busy that they rarely get to go table to table to engage their customers. The wait staff is still the same qualified people but the place is just so busy. Therefore the same experience is not had by the new customers that the first customer received. Even though the exact same product was served by the exact same staff. What is the difference? Details. Disney seems to have it down to a science. They realize you may only get one chance to visit a Disney theme park so everyday their goal is to deliver the same experience. To the employees it is a Thursday or a Saturday but to someone who has never been to Disney that day is our magic. They succeed in producing not just a day but a memory for them.

When you plan a wedding for a bride, that Saturday squeezed in between three other weddings, a retirement party and your vacation is THE day. Her one pure magical Saturday that she probably dreams of for many years. To her, this day has to be perfect. Remembering and focusing on the details is the magic potion to making that dream come true.

When you line up all the little details it becomes as easy as sprinkling a bit of pixie dust and saying...